This is meant to be used as a search plugin but you can give it a dry run here. The benefit is that instead of changing the drop-down menu everytime you want to search a specific engine, you press a key instead.

Prepares queries for these engines:

A new feature is Google Suggest. This you can't "sample" but if you add this as a search plugin, you will see it work. Oh also Google Suggest only works for Firefox.

First, submit a search request, once the interstitial page comes up, simply press the key corresponding to the engine you wish to search.

Note: To make this a valid search plugin click on your search plugins drop-down menu. This should be blue in Firefox 2.0 (default theme) and orange in Internet Explorer 7 (default theme).

Mozilla Firefox 2.x

  1. Click the drop-down menu
  2. Add PrepQuery
Internet Explorer 7.x
  1. Click the drop-down menu
  2. Add Search Providers
  3. PrepQuery IE7