Booky! - Remote Bookmark Manager


Zahid Bukhari

Congratulations! You don't have anything setup right now (keep reading in case you do). In time this will become password / cookie protected, but until then enjoy the fun you can have without worrying about bookmarking at one place and not another.

Your bookmarks will always be available (so long as this site is running). Now keep in mind that anyone can add or view your bookmarks if they have your ID. As such, choose something unique and by this, I don't mean normal. Something along the lines of: "The Blue Man Group married Witches and their offspring had too much light and made the babies go blind".

Whenever you're at a new browser, simply visit this page and you can get your friendly toolbar links again.

A few safety notes, don't bookmark a URL with your username or password in it. Maybe username is fine, but definitely not a password. Some sites do forward based authentication which is fine but if they have a complete checksum to work with, for certain algorithms, they can find a collision. If this is a bit much, just make sure a URL doesn't have your password in it or any password arguments (i.e. &password or ?password).

Now, on with the show!


Firefox Installation:
  1. Fill in a unique ID
  2. Click Submit
  3. Drag and drop the two links to your bookmarks toolbar
Internet Explorer 7 Installation (Note: Shortcut is synonymous with Bookmark):
  1. Hold down, "ALT + V", go to Toolbars and make sure "Links" is checked.
  2. Create a shortcut from any page and add it to your "Links toolbar". - This is just a placeholder that we will modify later
  3. Back on this page.. Fill in a unique ID
  4. Click Submit
  5. Drag and drop the "Booky View!" link to your "Links" toolbar
  6. Right-click and "Copy Shortcut" for "Booky Book'Em"
  7. Right-click and click "Properties" for the placeholder shortcut in your "Links" toolbar
  8. For the "URL" field within the "Web Document" tab, paste in the shortcut you copied for "Booky Book'Em" (i.e. CTRL + V)
  9. In the General Tab, there is one text field which is basically the name, type in "Booky Book'Em" and click "OK".
PS3 (Sony PlayStation 3 Browser) Installation (*coming soon*)
  1. Stuff
  1. Find a page you want to bookmark.
  2. Click on Booky Book'em
  3. To see all the Booky bookmarks you've made, click on the "View Booky!" link.
This is using MD5 so there are collisions but still, choose something weird that you will remember but not a password, something like, "Mary had lamb at Reza's" will work.